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Is barcode printing is possible with a matrix printer?????

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Dear Experts

Is barcode printing is possible with a matrix printer?????

If it is possible then which font we need to use and is there any special matrix printer is required

or do we need some special settings in system.

Appreciate your response.

Many thanks


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If you are using Smartform for printoutput you can print the Barcode in any printer because the smartform will convert the barcode into image and it will print in any printer. Even you can print the barcode in a dotmatrix printer and the scanner will read the barcode without any problem.



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Dear GK

Thanks for reply.

Could you please elaborate more on this ,

Which FONT u used or any specific setting or coding is require for that..

Highly appreciate your help in this direction.

Many thanks


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In general, if you want to print a barcode, somebody must draw the bars

of the barcode to get a correct print. So there are four possible ways

to print barcodes from SAP:

1. Print e.g. via a Barcode DIMM/SIMM

To use this way, the printer must be able to print barcodes by itself so

it needs e.g. a special barcode SIMM/DIMM module to print the barcodes.

ie: HP printers do not contain barcode fonts by default so a DIMM module

with the fonts must be installed. The print works as follows:

The SAP sends a simple printer escape sequence to the printer, which

activates the barcode printing in the printer. Then the SAP sends the

barcode number and finally it sends a printer escape sequence, which

switches the printer back to normal printing. So in this way the bars

of the barcode are created in the printer (and you only see a dummy

barcode in the print preview).

Please see the following SAP Note about the sequences for Jetcaps BarDIMM

used for printing barcodes on HP Laserjet printers:

45643 Barcode control sequences for JetCAPS/Jetmobile BarDIMM

The correct BarDIMM modules for different HP printer models can be

seen on the JetMobile website at the URL below:

2. Print via a barcode.dll

If your printer doesn't have a barcode DIMM, it cannot create the bars

of the barcode itself. So this must be done elsewhere. One possibility

is that you print via a Windows system, SAPSprint or SAPLPD, device type

SAPWIN and a barcode.dll.

ie: Your printer is connected to a Windows system that runs the

SAPSprint or SAPLPD program

If you print via device type SAPWIN, the creation of the print data

is done in the Windows. So the Windows may create a graphic, which

contains the bars of the barcode, and send this graphic to the printer.

The job to create the barcode graphic is done by the barcode.dll.

So it is only needed, if you want to print this way please see the

following SAP note for more information:

14561 Printing barcodes via SAPLPD / Barcode DLL

3. New barcode technology

If your printer doesn't have a barcode DIMM and if you don't want to

use a barcode.dll, you may use the new barcode technology, which is

described in the SAP notes 645158 and 430887. However this is

only possible when printing from Smartforms.

In this way SAP itself creates a picture, which contains the bars of

the barcode. This picture is sent to the printer. One important

requirement when you print the barcode via a Smartform is that you

have at least release 46C.

4. Use of a barcode font

There are some font files (e.g. Windows TTF files), which contains bars

instead of characters. So if you use these font files, the bars of the

barcode are printed instead of a text.

You may buy such a font file, install it under Windows and use it via

device type SAPWIN according to SAP note 48803. Since release 46C these

files can also be uploaded into the SAP and used via other device types.

Hope this information helps you resolve the issue.