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Is any datasource available to get all CRM quotations?

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I am trying to get all quotation details generated in CRM system.

In our process, we have quotations 1) which may generate to a contract, 2) which may generate to an order and 3) which were not successful.

So I want to get all quotations in the extract.

As per definition of the datsources, we have two data sources - one which gets quotations for orders (0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I), and another, quotation for contracts (0CRM_QUOTATION_I). Now I am missing the quotations which weren't successful.

Is there any other data source which can get all of quotations?

Or am I missing something. Does 0CRM_QUOTATION_I get all the quotation details?



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I think that 0CRM_QUOTATION_I gives you all quotation items together with the header fields. You could easily test it in CRM by creating a quote without contract or order and do an extractor check.

Best regards,

Thomas Wagner