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Is ACTUALLY the graphical views better in terms of performance than scripting table functions?

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Hi all.

I work in a huge environment with millions of rows and I started time ago to build graphical views.

The performance was never good and in starting to think that this invention from sap is just marketing to make money.

Anyone here has REAL experience working in big databases and using complicated graphical views?

I still think that SQL is better, but I would like to none your opinion


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Hi Juan Pablo,

the calculation engine is supposed to optimize the execution of your graphical views. The SQL engine could also do that, however, there is a bigger chance to make a mistake or depending on how your SqlScript is written, it may or may not be optimal. Performance will also depend on other factors such as size of the system, network speed, end consumer like reporting tool / application, other processes in the system, etc... i would suggest to run the plan visualizer on your data model/script to see the execution of your logic and analyse its outputs. I know this is not a black or white answer but there are many factors to consider.

Further, you will also see a benefit of using a graphical calc view over SQLScript when you start using complex models due to the syntax, table names, etc...