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IRPA best practices for Set busy wait time (Gui Frame)

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Hi experts, what would you recommend to use in this case? Scenario is clicking from top to down to execute buttons:

During the processing of each step, screen is busy - and busy time is always different. I could use "Wait" and set it to for example 5 minutes but would like to have it more flexible. I tried to use "Set Busy Wait Time" after each click to execute button, where it seems that when its processed quicker than set time, automation continues. But its actually not that case. I ended up with some API error of 12000ms. I also tried some loops (repeat and forever) in combination with Is Busy but this did not work. I cannot read the elements as the whole area is gui grid and not single elements. I could use status bar with some condition for displayed text. But still I feel there should be more easy way. Any ideas? Thank you.

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