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inventory: incorrect valuated stock values

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this is regarding strange behavior of value of valuated stock (0VALSTCKVAL) in inventory management cube.

after initializing 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_BF, we're running daily deltas on 2LIS_03_BF.

keyfigure ValStockValue shows incorrect value in report.

This is a non-cumulative keyfigure based on inflow and outflow of 0RECVS_VAL and 0ISSVS_VAL respectively.

in the report drilled down on daily level, 0RECVS_VAL and 0ISSVS_VAL show blank values but valuated stock shows some value. The stock quantities on these days are also none. the incorrect valuated value carried forward to all other days, hence affecting the overall value.

Please tell me how to fix this issue...i've researched alot here without much help.


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Are the request ids compressed in the targets?