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Introscope Agent deployment

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I have a situation here. earlier SMD agent was installed with different SID (DAA) and bytecode agent was deployed....

later it was decided tht we will have all agents sid as SMD... hence we uninstalled DAA and installed with SMD. later deployed bytecode agent. but in configtool javaagent and wily parameters were pointing to older directory /DAA/...

which we disabled.

now after restart in fileand configtool I see it is reading correct parameters pointing to /SMD/.....

now situation is that.after deploying bytecode agent, it showed status as "Needs restart".

after restart of java application still status shows "Running but needs restart".

This is something vier d ... I have 18 java application in my landscape. In all of them after restart status changed to "Running".

except one.

any idea on why this happening?



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Hi Shyam,

I am not sure if it is the same issue, but there is a known issue regarding the following statement:

"J2ee engine must be restarted..."

This issue is fixed as of Solman SP25.

You can ignore it or make a workaround to get rid of it.

The workaround is:

- start the Agent Administration Application (shortcut /smd/AgentAdmin)

- go to Applications Configuration

- Select the [...]global.configuration application

- Select the Scope related to the agent running on the instance for

which a restart is wrongly requested

- Go to edit mode and set the value of property <SID>/<Inst.

Number>.setup.needs.restart to false

- Save