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Intergration of Components

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Hello Guys,

I need your help on integration of components

In my case there are 3 components : A , B and C. A is calling B (Not going back) and B is calling C and C is returning to B again.

Integration of A and B is done. B is used component of A. B has 1 Iterface inbound plug which is mapped to Outbound plug of A's Window.

Same thing I did for Integration of B and C. A to B to C was working fine. But I didnt find any option with this method to go back to B from C.

So from B to C, I used suspend/resume option. Since B is called from A. B is not considered as TOP_LEVEL and hence this option is not working.

Kindly give your expert opinions on this. ( I want A ,B and C to be appear in the normal window not pop up 1 )

Appreciate your help in advance.



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Answers (1)

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Suspend resume works only on 1 level.

i.e. A -> B using suspend resume will work

but from B-> C it will not work then some . It is limitation of suspend resume.

I have used approach of calling URL instead, this does not require and technical integration of component. Just dynamically generate URL for other application and call it on event. Unfortunately right now does not have code with me to post it here... but this appoach worked very well.