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Intemediate Message Minimum age (mins) only available for PI ABAP Only ?

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Hi Guys

, SAP Solution Manager 

I am following the link for  Process Integration Channel ( , and using the Interface Monitoring setup Config in Solman .  We would like to monitor PI messages in a intermediate state , but only if they are in that state for a hour or more ,  However , i am struggling , by the time we get the alert , their are no messages in that scheduled (intermediate status ) anymore.  I understand that the info is receiving from the PI domain in the PI monitoring Setup , and I can see the messages in that dashboard , but when the PI team checks , their are no messages . ...  I see the write up on the minimum age in the link mention but this is only for ABAP systems   -- we only have PI java systems 

  • Minimum age (mins): prevents PI messages from being alerted unless they remain in the specified status longer than the time in minutes specified here. The parameter measures PI messages in an intermediate status which become critical only if they remain in this intermediate status too long. The time difference is measured against the creation time of the message, not the time when the previous status change took place.)

Thus my question , where do i set the timeframe for the system to only alert on PI messages in scheduled status for a hour or more ?  I have Tried the timeframe , H, H-1 or H or D , but that is only how long it looks back for messages  🙁

Your help guidance would be much appreciated. 



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear Customer,

The requested behavior does not exist now, but it makes sense to get this feature after discussing it with the developers. Thanks for bringing this up.

Best regards,
Vera Jiang 

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