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Integrating SAP PI with Active Directory/LDAP server

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Hi Team,

We have one requirement to pull data from Active Directory/LDAP server and have to send the data to SAP ECC.

If you have any idea to connect Active Directory with SAP PI to fetch the records, please share your ideas.



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Answers (2)

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I just "love" those integration needs....connect the AD to the ECC...

Rajakumar - you first need to ask yourself what is the buisness process that is taking place between the systems?

is it master data replication of some sort?

is it an HR process that the organization want to initiate from AD ? and so...

After that you can go to the next step and see what is needed to be connected and how.

In general, there is no AD connector for SAP PI. The mail adapter is the only thing that has some relevance to AD...but a very weak one.

If it is a processes that begins in the AD I would recommend building an Application layer in .NET catching the events on the AD and trigger a SOAP call to the PI with SOAP adapter.

But again,look at the big picture first.

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Hi Rajakumar,

You can achieve this requirement using proxy or SOAP.

Check with Active directory team if they have any web service to send data to PI.

Also check  LDAP Connector - Identity Management - SAP Library

Please go through the below blog's

Accessing Active Directory through Java Proxy on SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0

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Bhargava Krishna