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Integrating SAP Multitenant SaaS with SAP Analytics Cloud for Enhanced UI5 Fiori Experience in BTP


We've developed a Multitenant SaaS application using SAP CAPM, and we now have a requirement to display specific screens in UI5 from SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) after establishing a connection to the tenant database. In our dedicated setup, we have successfully showcased these screens on the SAP UI5 Fiori interface.


We maintain a separate SAC Tenant, establish a database connection, create stories, and integrate these stories onto the SAP UI5 Fiori Screen. However, in the context of Multitenancy, we've noticed that SAC is available in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). We are seeking guidance on leveraging the SAC SaaS solution within this framework to achieve our desired outcome. Any recommendations on how to effectively utilize SAC SaaS in this context would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Ratnesh,

I am also currently trying to achieve the same scenario. Can you please share the solution if you achieve it.



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I would suggest that you also add the SAC tag to your question.

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Hi ratneshtoday1,

interesting question which we also stumbled upon when creating our multitenant SaaS sample scenario. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a standard solution in a multitenant context. Maybe gregorw has further insights based on his experience (seeing his name in some of the related blog posts and questions).

I can imagine that you might "somehow" be able to leverage the existing HANA Analytics Adapter (but probably not SOTA anymore) and connect to the tenant specific database containers leveraging a "Service Manager - Container" Service instance bound to the Analytics Adapter...

A similar demand has already been raised some time ago. Also check the respective question here:

The following blog post highlights a configuration option related to "multitenancy" using the Analytics Adapter:

Please let us know in case you find a solution to this requirement.