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Installling and configuring SAP Crystal Report Server 2020 on Windows 2019 IIS server.


Any documentation on how to configure SAP CR server 2020 on IIS server?

I installed with Tomcat web server (default) configuration. Windows AD or LDAP authentication doesn't work.

After Windows AD configuration done, I get the following error message:

Our Windows AD administrator checked groups and admin accounts and didn't see any issues.

Kerberos Authentication:

Account information not recognized: Active Directory Authentication failed to log you on. Please contact your system administrator to make sure you are a member of a valid mapped group and try again. If you are not a member of the default domain, enter your user name as UserName@DNS_DomainName, and then try again. (FWM 00006)

NTLM Authentication :

Account information not recognized: The Windows AD plug-in does not support Java in NTLM mode. Please use Kerberos. (FWM 02100)

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