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Install multiple Sybase ASE 15 instances on the same Windows server

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I'm not able to find any official documentation on installing and configuring multiple Sybase ASE 15 servers on the same Windows server. Basically, we already have an ASE instance running on a Windows server. It runs a tiny database. For business reasons, we need another copy of the database. But the vendor is lazy and their scripts have the database name hard coded, forcing us to install another ASE instance just to host that tiny database. We'd like to install this second instance on the same Windows server.

But I have not been able to find Sybase documentation on how to do this. Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks Mark! I got that working. Now, I'm struggling to find documentation on how to configure this second ASE server to run in a Windows failover cluster. I see the first ASE is configured as a Generic Service resource. I could try to do the same to the 2nd ASE, but afraid that I may miss something.

Any pointer to the official documentation on how to configure a second instance of ASE in a Windows failover cluster is greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I have no experience with setting up Windows (failover) clusters.

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Perhaps this?  (no experience with it on Windows myself either).

Chapter 12: Configuring Adaptive Server for Failover on Windows

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