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Input parameter in Smart KPI reports

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Hi Team,

We have created Smart KPI report (Tile with Report data ,graphs etc) through smart business framework.

The configuration driven by annotations from the back-end OData service (SEGW - MPC_EXT -DEFINE).

The measures and dimensions of the aggregation roles are reflecting properly during smart KPI configuration. But the current requirement is to add a selection/input parameter to the report so that we can filter based on that. And an F4 for the field.

I have tried with the annotations below but no luck.

Kindly suggest on how can we achieve the same.

I have tried with the below annotations .

DATA(lo_txt_property) = model->get_entity_type( 'TimeReport' )->get_property( 'Startdate' ).
CALL METHOD lo_txt_property->/iwbep/if_mgw_odata_annotatabl~create_annotation
iv_annotation_namespace = /iwbep/if_mgw_med_odata_types=>gc_sap_namespace
ro_annotation = lo_ann.
lo_ann->add( iv_key = 'display-format' iv_value = 'Date' ).
lo_ann->add( iv_key = 'filter-restriction' iv_value = 'single-value' ).
lo_ann->add( iv_key = 'Parameters' iv_value = 'Mandatory' ).
lo_txt_property->set_filterable( abap_true ).

Thanks and Regards,

Preethi K

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