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Iniaitlize Delta when there are invalid records

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem while initializing the delta for 0MATERIAL characteristic. The data comes to the PSA. But some of the records are marked as incorrect in the PSA due to invalid characters at 0MATERIAL characteristic. So the status is red and delta is not initialized. I corrected the data in the PSA, and loaded it again, even if the status turned to green, at RSA7 transaction of R3 I see 0MAterial on the list but new created materials are not added to the queue. These incorrect materials are selected to be deleted at R3. But the system still sees them. Does anyone have any idea about how I can handle this situation.

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Regarding to invalid character issue you can write a routine below in the general tab of the 0material infoobject.This code should fix your problem.



Also Did you try to load delta second times after new materials have been created.What is coming to BW side ?

Check the links and OSS notes below for delta queue in BI.

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materials are not deleted from MARA table completely, since in past they could have been used in data.

only deletion flag is set. ( LVORM).