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Infoview passing userid/password to Xcelsius for Webservice Connection

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Within Xcelsius, is it possible to get the Infoview user id and password of the user who accesses the dashboard?

We need to customize our Xcelsius dashboards to display data based on the user who connects to the dashboard. Our current dashboards have the userid and password hardcoded in the Xcelsius connection. If we can get the Infoview userid and password we could us this to dynamically build our Webservice input values and our webservice can return only the data needed by the current user.

I have read that we can control the data returned if we use QaaWS. Unfortunately I don't see how we can use QaaWS in this instance. Although our enterprise does use QaaWS for some dashboards connecting to SAP BW, the datasource for the dashboards that I am working on is Quickbase and we will connect to it via a Tibco webservice.

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Hello Christopher,

QaaWS is indeed one of the preferred web service connectors for Xcelsius dashboards to DB through BOBJ universes. Furthermore, when dashboard is deployed on Infoview, QaaWS can automatically re-use the Infoview session to connect, without requiring dashboard user to enter login & password.

If you do not plan to use QaaWS, you can anyway retrieve session information from the platform web service Session. You might be interested by web service call Session.getSessionInfo, from which you can get a SessionToken or a SerializedSession, which is the kind of information necessary to start a new session (token) or re-use an existing session (serialized) to connect to BOE.

Hope that helps,