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Information Broadcasting issue

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I have a BW query which is automated to run in background through Information Broadcasting to send the report to couple of users.

The query 'A' runs for 3 hours in Production , it used to run fine. There were no changes done to the Broadcaster settings.

The only thing that was changed is only this query 'A' used in a single process chain, later a new query 'B' is added to process chain run in background thru broadcaster. The queries run thru RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER in the process chain , and I tried the same running manually.And it returns the result only when I run around 15:00:00 in the evening.

The next day or 2 onwards this query 'A' runs for 3 hrs but never sends an email. But query B also runs for 3 hrs but sends an email.

I have trouble shooted this in the following way:

1) The process chain runs through BATCH ID which also runs similar process chain for other region and it works fine. So it is not BATCH ID issue.

2) New information broadcaster settings were created and then ran. it never sent a mail. so not problem in broadcaster settings.

3) Checked SCOT transaction to see the mail is transmitted or not. there is no sign of the emails pending for the query A.

4) If i run this in morning or noon or even 14:59 PM it never sends the mail. ONLY at 15:00:00 when run it sends email .

5) there is no flaw in the report A as it returns the results in email at 15:00:00 run but not prior to that..

6) There is nothing in the setting that this has to run only at 15:00:00 time.. and it runs fine at that time and sends email

All priorer runs it runs for 3hour but never sends an email.

I need some experts help on this. Did any one experience this kind of issue.

Could some one tell me any other check points..pointers..etc.

Greatly appreciate your help on this.


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I have faced similar issue. I solved when I restarted the Precalc server wih the help of Basis Team.


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Hi Sree,

I have restarted the Precalculation server but it didnt help me.

Any other thoughts?


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Hi Ragini,

We have the same issue here at my work place.We are still working on it.

Restarting the Pre calculation server will not help because Pre calculation server is used only when you are Pre calculating Workbooks and Web templates.

When we are broadcasting queries it will just use the Program you mentioned and run it on the application server itself.

Sometimes it happens that the broadcast setting might get corrupted, it will help in recreating it, But I see that you have already done that.

I would suggest you create another process chain and place the processes to run one after another rather than in parallel. Running it parallel might be the cause of not sending an email.

And by the way to monitor the Broadcasted queries the transaction is SOST. Here you can see all the emails which were broadcasted in the system

Let us know if you find the solution.