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Infocube not displayed on Bex

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Hi BI experts,

I have created a standard infocube on top of sales order line DSO. My data model is as follows:

1. 2LIS_12_VACITM (Datasource)

Transfer rule

2. Sales order line DSO

Update rule

3 . Infocube

I can load data to it and the request is also available for reporting(status = Green). But when I log on to Bex to construct a query based on this cube, the infocube is not visible at all. I can also display data using Manage or Listcube option and I have been given SAP_ALL authorization.

Please suggest me how I can resolve this issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Answers (2)

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go to bexselect queries-then select infoarea--then select create button in the top left sidethen go for find--give your infocube name. it will show the infocube

hope this help you


Harikrishna N

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Please try to search before posting a new question...this has been replied several times, like here:

Hope this helps...