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Infocube Dimension tables manual modification

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Hi all,

I have a curiosity: has anyone ever modified manually a dimension table associated with an infocube?

Supposing a situation where an infocube has the dimension ORDER ATTRIBUTES with the fields "Order type" and "Order reason". Dimension table is valorized with 3 tuples:

( TypeA, Reason1)

( TypeB, Reason2)

( TypeC, Reason3)

I should substitute the correspondence ( TypeC, Reason3) with the correspondence (TypeD, Reason1).

I know that it is not the right way to proceed, but I wanted to know if anyone ever faced this issue.

Thanks all,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Changing the Dimension is changing the data model for which you should delete the entire content, and connected objects such as Update Rule and even reports sometimes.

But you can change the dimension on very rare case



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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all the things I'm afraid are the dependencies. Because, apparently, the modification of the dimension table seems to work (i've done, in DEVELOPMENT environment, the substitution of an existing SID with another existing one). But maybe there are some other dependencies that, if I do this modification, makes inoperable the infocube. I wanted only to know if anyone, in the past, tried to do this operation and if some problems occurs.

Thanks all for the reply!

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I think there is a high likelihood you might render your cube inoperable.

- load processes expect the dimension tables to follow the model so that it can check to see if existing DIMIDs exist or if to add new ones.

- aggregate creation also has expectations that the dim tables exist per the model.

-multiproviders will assume the dimensioanl model is followed.

I'm sure I could go on and on with other things given enough time, but bottomline, there is very little in BW that you ever want to do outside of the BW Workbench tools - there are just too many dependencies.

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if I understod you correctly you don'T want to change the data model but the content of the dimension table itself. For this you should know that the dimension table is set up like dimid, order type sid, reason sid. The Fact table is jioned with the dimension table. So of course you could change the values of the table with an ABAP (but take care you have to look up the SIDs from the corresponding characterisitcs SID table). The disadvantage nobody knows what has happened and you can get possible errors if you try to reconsteuct the cube or want to rebook a request to the cube.

The standard and recommended way is to delete the cube content and reload data.