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Infocube Basic or Transactional?

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Hi all,

I want to check if an Infocube is basic or transactional with Function Module; I've tested the return of FM RSD_CUBE_GET_ONLY_DB but in the field l_s_cube-cubetype always "B"....

I've analyzed the FM: RSAPO_CLOSE_TRANS_REQUEST; RSAPO_SWITCH_TRANS_TO_BATCH, RSAPO_SWITCH_BATCH_TO_TRANS, ... But my problem is tested only the type of infocube (Basic or transactional) moreover if transactional even if the cube can be planned by function SEM.

I have found the table RSMDATASTATE and the field LOADALWD... for me this field is perfect.... I want to check this by Function Module...

you know some Function Module....

any help is appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Alessandro,

You can try SE37 > BAPI_CUBE_GETDETAIL. In the Details refer to field TRANSACT that has an "X" if the cube is transactional.

Hope this helps...

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after your help, I have found 2 FM: RSSEM_CUBE_GETDETAIL for basic/transactional and RSM_LOADALWD_GET for planned by SEM/upload by Bw request...

you know other FM....??????



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Check the entry in the table RSDCUBE where the TRANSACT field is "X" for transactional cubes.