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In workflow need to check in passed validaitons and check out failed once?

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Hi All,

Can any one let me know is the following requirement possible?

In workflow can I able to split records based on validation result? I need to check in passed validations and check out failed validations..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajeev,

You can try out both branch step and validation step and see which serves your purpose better.

In branch step you can give multiple validation/validation groups,if result is TRUE take the first branch and check in at STOP.

If FALSE,take dont checkin at STOP,either cascade or Rollback as the case be.Also here you can call the same or other Workflow.The split branches can later be combined using MERGE or Group.

Other way can be by using Validation step,setup iteration failed jobs will be sent to previous step and passed ones will move ahead in WF.Later you can checkin at STOP and failed jobs would still be in WF in checkout state.

For your reference :



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