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In which way is the language choosen?

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We created a BSP-Applikation some time ago and it's on customer site for some years now. A customer is wondering about the language selection in his system.

If a user logs on the Applikation in a language where no translation exists he is getting the OTR-texts in German. He expects to get the texts in English. In his meaning the issue is caused by the fact that the OTR-texts have their original language in German. I don't think that's causing the issue.

His system has standard language English so I would assume that the texts are displayed in this language if they are not translated.

Does anyone know how the automated language selection in BSP works when the choosen language is not installed?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would assume that when the application was first developed the developer logged on in language DE and created the OTR text. So the default language of the OTR texts would be DE. The texts might not be maintanied on EN.

For further clarification read this thread. This is more like similar Issue.


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Hi Alessandro,

the reference that Amandeep has posted should contain the question to your answer.

Be aware that you don't mix up 2 things.

1. Language in which you are logged on. How this language is determined is described by the link by Ulli Hoffmann.

2. Language taken in case the text isn't available in the logon language. This is determined by the profile parameter zcsa/second_language.

Best Regards


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