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In BP tcode (Customer:General Data) tab and additional data tab

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I am developing RFC for BP tcode to create and change a customer...below is the query

1. In BP tcode for sales customer role . I have a tab with name Customer:general data which exists for general data. Here i am trying to create or change the BP for customer using BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA and BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE. But in this bapi there is no field to pass 'STATION FOR EXPRESS DELIVERY(KNA1-BAHNE) and STATION FOR RECEIVING DELIVERIES(KNA1-BAHNS) which exists in customer general how to pass these fields while bp creation or changing.

2. Senario is same but i need to pass some more fields which is at ADDITIONAL DATA TAB exists for SALES AND DISTRIBUTION .Here customer group1(KNVV-KVGR1),customer group2(KNVV-KVGR2),customer group3(KNVV-KVGR3),customer group4(KNVV-KVGR4),customer group5(KNVV-KVGR5)need to reflect at BP while creating or changing......But these fields are also not there to pass in babi

Please help me how to do it...because there are no fields in bapi.Its very urgent requirement........Please help me

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