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In analytics Designer, how can I get a reference for a Calculated Measure inside the script?

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After creating multiple Calculated Measures in Analytics Designer, how can I get all of them or just one?

How can I get a specific Calculated Measure and set it in a chart dynamically?

I tried looking it up in the Developer Handbook, but it only shows how to reference a script variable inside the Calculated Measure, not the other way around.

Thank you!

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Hi tcast ,

there is no direct way to do that.

What you could do in this situation is to use the for example:

in order to enable this library context menu, just enter ctrl + space

and select 'Open member selector'.

By doing this, you can select the calc. measures you created and note the IDs down.

As in the second step, if you want to add measures into a chart, you should put the following codes into the events you wish to trigger.

Example: Chart.addMeasure(measure, feed);

There is a web page showing you which feed to acquire to which chart type.

Hope this helps you out.