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Import Visual Composer iView to portal

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Hi experts,

My question is: how can I import the VC generated iView into the portal as a fix iView?

To give you an example: When I am in the portal I would like to access the VC generated iView by clicking on a fix navigation item, in order to be able to open this iView(Report) anytime I want.

I would appreciate any suggestions



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas,

Follow the following steps:

1. When you are deploying from VC, click check button and noe down the name of the par file.

2. open your portal page using administrator credentials using the following link as example - http://<ip address>:50000/irj/portal

3. Click the tab Java Developer

4. Click the "PDK Component Starter&Viewer" link on the right-hand side frame.

5. Go to Overview tab.

6. Select your par, for example - com.autogen.guimachine.testbapi1.iView_GYI

7. Click Details link

8. Click Start link.

Check out the url in the browser, save it if you need that for future use.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks very much!!!

That´s the solution.



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