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Import Sales Order Extension

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Hello Gurus,

I have a specific requirement for the Import Sales Order Fiori application.
where in, I have below 3 requirements. 

1. Extend the VBAP and VBAK data with custom fields - (Its already achieved and working through CFL so I am good here. )

2. I also need some custom fields to be appended in the VBKD field from the CFL - But this is not possible only through CFL as the business contexts etc is not available for VBKD..... 
Ques - How can this be achieved. 

2.1 Also, there are some standard fields of VBKD which is required for filling up the data through the download template but those fields are not available in the underlying main CDS view, so not able to use them as well. 
Ques - What is the best approach here?

4. I have a custom table which also needs to be amended with some data from the download template of fiori screen. 

Ques - Is it possible? What is the best approach here? 

On-Prem system



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