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Import issue with Auto-id in Qualifier table

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I am trying to load Customer_contact table in MDM5.5 sp4 from R3.

Since SAP-Id is generated in R3, initially portal will send all data to R3 w/o SAP-id but with the MDM-Auto-id.

In return from R3,MDM receives the SAP-id and Contact-id against this MDM-id for update.

In conversion,I am getting "Error in Look uptable" "Internal Error" message to load this file in Main table.

Is there any workaround to map qualifier table with a auto-id in Main table?

This auto-id needs to be non-qual for portal to create the initial record in MDM.But since this is a non-qual fld and we are not able to map it in main table giving "Internal error" . It is my guess.

Appreciate your idea and help


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The issue was fixed after dropping the calculated fld as Non-qual one which was giving problem since required to be mapped in Main table.