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Implementation of GET_EXPANDED_ENTITYSET in SAP RAP framework

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Our team is trying to migrate our existing SEGW service to RAP framework. Our OData app is being used by an open stack application and we are checking if it's possible to implement Expanded Entity Set Get call in RAP. For Example:

GET /Parent?&$filter=("Attribute1 eq 'XYZ'")&$expand="Child/GrandChild"

We haven't been able to find a solution for it so far. Can someone please help ?

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why you need to code for this? is it not supported by the framework out of the box?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Sameer,

when you use a RAP based service the $expand statement will handeled by the framework.

When your RAP service is based on CDS views or View Entities (the new and recommended type of CDS views) the SADL framework will push down the request to the underlying HANA database.

When you are using custom entities you have to implement the query provider class and you will have to retrieve the data similar to an implementation of the GET_ENTIYSET method you used in your DPC_EXT class.

What is not supported with custom entities is that you get the request such that you can implement something like an get_expanded_entity or get_expanded_entity_set method.

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