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Ignore Header record Parameter for SFTP Sender Adapter?

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Hello Experts ,

I am configuring File (CSV file) to File scenario , where I am using SFTP Sender Adapter.

Data in the file is coming with Header Record like below.




I want to ignore the firsr record ( Header record ) while picking the file. Want to know how we can achieve this in SFT Sender Adapter , I tried

xml.documentSkipFirstRows parameter but it doesn't seems to be working.

I know in simple FTP Sender Adapter Document Offset parameter is used to ignore header records , although as I am using SFTP dont know the module configuration parameter to be used for this.

Appreciate your responses.



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Answers (2)

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Can you try with this NameA.addHeaderLine = 0 ( which will ignore the Headerline coming from XML document )

You can have the Message transformation bean added & have the above parameter added. I guess, this should work for you

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I am not sure any such parameter available in SFTP or not, but you can skip those field at mapping level by building mapping logic.

use copyValue function,it works.