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IDOCFlatToXmlConvertor module

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My scenario is SFTP to IDoc_AAE. It is a pass through Interface.

I am getting IDoc flat file at SFTP sender side, which I am trying to convert into XML using the module IDOCFlatToXmlConvertor module.

The issue I am facing is since parent-child relationship is missing, it's failing. Any workarounds ?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jose,

Do you mean the IDOC flat file has more than one IDOC document by "parent-child"?

Module "IDOCFlatToXmlConvertor" works only when the file has one IDOC document.

See here:

Adding IDOCFlatToXmlConvertor in the Module Processor - Adding Modules to the Module Processor - SAP...



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Hello Jose,

what do you mean when you say 'parent-child' relationship is missing? Can you share more info on that?

Are there more than 1 idoc document in the flat file?