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Idoc is Not able to Create for Change of Cost Center From BAPI

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Hi Experts,

I have a Requirement of Changing the Business Area of a Cost Center From a Custom program, For that, I have been Using the BAPI: BAPI_COSTCENTER_CHANGEMULTIPLE, On Successful Change of the Cost Center an Idoc Needs to Be triggered, But it's Not happened From the Standard Message type COSMAS.

The Solution Approach I followed.

Tcode: BAPI and Searched for the Object type: BUS0012. Searched for the Method 'ChangeMultiple', I found the message type: 'COSTCENTER_CHANGEMULTIPLE' and Outbound Function Module is ALE_COSTCENTER_CHANGEMULTIPLE, So I tried to create the Change Pointers for the Below process.

1) Goto transaction BD61 check if the checkbox is checked

2) Goto SM30 table V_TBDA2 click maintain enter message type and check the checkbox

3) Goto transaction BD52 enter Cost center message type

The Change Pointers are activated, and the Changes can be Seen in the table: BDPC2, CDHDR, CDPOS.

Finally, While running the Program: RBDMIDOC / Tcode: BD21, and the Input Message type: COSTCENTER_CHANGEMULTIPLE, it's going to a Dump, Due to the Mismatch in the Parameters of the Fm, Please find the attached Image.

Please Suggest a Solution how to Proceed further.



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