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iDoc - Add data to an empty segment E1P0315 for type HRMD_A09

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Dear all,

We receive an iDoc type HRMD_A (HRMD_A09) with no segment E1P0315.

After receiving this iDoc we want to add segment E1P0315 in order to set a data from this segment.

I tried to do this using Customer exit EXIT_SAPLRHA0_003 but I had a dump after having Added parent segment from E1P0315 (E1P0001) and segment E1P0315.

I Added segments using ABAP .

Could you give me advices on the way to do this?

Thanks for your return.


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Hi David

I guess it should be possible in general. I did a similar thing but in my case I used BADI HRALE00INBOUND_IDOC (i think it is essentially the same as EXIT_SAPLRHA0_003).

When adding new segments, I think it is important to embed them properly into the segments 'tree' by filling fields EDIDD-SEGNUM, EDIDD-PSGNUM, EDIDD-HLEVEL. I would check this first.

Also, what dump exactly are you getting?

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