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IDM 7.1 HCM Staging Area Error

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I'm encountering an error in my staging area. When I do the push of HR data from HCM the event for the HCM user doesn't appear to be kicking off the job.

The job was in an error state with too many attempts, not knowing how to reset I just ran it to see if it would process the pending values.

It gives me the following error for which I haven't found much information on. Anyone seen this before?



Unhandled Error in DSERuntime - Exception:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/jdsr/writer/DsrIPassport

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the job is in error state you can reactivate it using the approach Ivan mentioned, or you can open the State tab and click "Force restart". But most likely your job will just fail again five times in a row and be put in Error state again unless you fix the root cause of its problem.

To find the root cause of that problem you might have to look for the jobs text-log, because if the job fails completely it might not be able to upload the logfile to the database. The text-log can be opened activating the job/action (or going to its its job log) and then clicking the second icon from the right (is supposed to look like a paper with text on it) that has the caption "View DSE log file".

This only works the MMC is also the machine hosting the dispatcher/runtime that started the job. If its not you'll get a File Does Not Exist message including the name of the file. Use that to search for it on the host(s) where dispatchers are running.

When the file is found, open it and look for messages <datetime>:E: <something something errormessage(s)>. If the errors don't make sense to you you can post them here 🙂

Best regards,

Per Christian



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Curtis,

             see the below thread

and see if it can help.



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Hi Curtis,

To reset the job that is in ERROR state just follow these steps:

1. Uncheck the ENABLED checkbox

2. Press APPLY button

3. Check ENABLED checkbox

4. Press APPLY button

And that is it the job status was reset.

Best Regards,


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Reading your question, it appears that you have triggered the push from HCM, the data has been loaded in Staging area and the event has triggered to run the job. But the job has failed and is in error state.

I haven't seen this error before. Could you try increasing the log level to see the detailed error message ?