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IDES and Amazon Web Services.

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Hi there,

I am learning SAP ABAP. To practice the program, I am using AWS (Amazon Web Services) through the SAP cloud appliances library. I have successfully logged on. (You can't imagine how difficult it's for a newbie to connect the Netweaver on a Mac through the virtual box.)

I can access the portal thorough developer or bwdeveloper. I pay 0.50 pence per hour to the Amazon. However the SAP ABAP 7.5 is very limited as I can't use any data tables like MARA or creating objects are not possible.

While looking for a solution, I have read that IDES of SAP connection allows you to access wider capabilities of the program.

I am a student and If I am paying money for this, I really want to be able use at least some of the functions for the learning purposes.

Can anyone help me with this? How to connect to the SAP IDES through SAP Appliances Cloud Library without breaking the bank?

My computer is Mac, I am using virtual box for the Netweaver.

Thank you so much for your help.


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