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IConnectorGatewayService error

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I am trying to use JCA Connection Framework for R/3 Connection Pooling. When i tried to connect to backend system, i am getting the following error at runtime. Could anyone please help me.

<b>Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sapportals/portal/ivs/cg/IConnectorService

at TabStripExample.getPage(


The code I am trying to execute is

<b>Object connectorservice = PortalRuntime.getRuntimeResources().getService(IConnectorService.KEY);

IConnectorGatewayService cgService =((IConnectorService) connectorservice).getIConnectorGatewayService();</b>

After changing the code to

<b>Object connectorservice = PortalRuntime.getRuntimeResources().getService(IConnectorService.KEY);

IConnectorGatewayService cgService =(IConnectorService) connectorservice;</b>

the error changes to

<b>Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sapportals/portal/ivs/cg/IConnectorGatewayService

at TabStripExample.getPage(


The change in portalapp.xml to following also do not help.


<property name="ClassName" value="com.xxxx.LeaveBalance"/>

<property name="SecurityZone" value="com.xxxx/high_safety"/>

<property name="ServicesReference" value=",,"/>


I have tried to upload this jar to two versions i.e.

Can any one help me in rectify this.

Thanks in Advance


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Answers (2)

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Hi Prakash,

Thanks for the reply .

I changed in my portalapp.xml file to


<property name="ClassName" value="com.xx.LeaveBalance"/>

<property name="SecurityZone" value="com.xx/high_safety"/>

<b><property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=""/></b>


and tried to execute code

Object connectorservice = PortalRuntime.getRuntimeResources().getService(IConnectorService.KEY);

IConnectorGatewayService cgService =(IConnectorGatewayService)connectorservice;

but got the same error

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sapportals/portal/ivs/cg/IConnectorGatewayService

It is that 'connectorservice' name need to be same for

<property name="PrivateSharingReference" value="<b>connectorservice</b>"/>

and in

IConnectorGatewayService cgService =(IConnectorGatewayService)<b>connectorservice</b>;



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Sorry, your portalapp.xml is incorrect. it should loook like following.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=","/>
    <component name="display">
        <property name="ClassName" value="com.ust.explodebom.display"/>
        <property name="SecurityZone" value="com.ust.explodebom.display/high_safety"/>

PS: Please reward points for helpful answers. thank you.

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Delete your serviesreferences and add the following entry.


<property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=""/>


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