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HTMLB:listBox table

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I need to help for the following question:

In the option for the tag under HTMLB:listBox I've taken "selections" for multiple choices.

After Event data ?= cl_htmlb_manager=>get_data( request = request name = 'listBox id = 'box1' ),it was filled with 3 entries like "k1", "k3" and "k9" (selections) - It means I selected 1,3 and 9'th in the box.

Then jump to 'goto next page' and 'set parameter(navigation->set parameter( 'selection').

How can I find out the entries for this table "selections" in the new page again?

I tried to the following way:

loop at selections.

write:/ 'selection´value:', selections.

endloop. It doesn' work.

Thank in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gauguin,

Have a look at the page LISTBOX.BSP of application SBSPEXT_HTMLB.

Actually SELECTIONS is of type String and it contains all the selected values seprated by commas. So you have to extract the comma seprated values from this string.Loop will not work with SELECTIONS because it is not a table.

Thers an atribute LISTBOX->SELECTIONS that is a standard table and contains all the selected values from the listbox.

Hope it helps.



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