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HTLMB Button click gives javascript:void(0)

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we are on WAS 7.00. We are using IE 6.0

I read some articles about the javascript:void(0) problem - but none seems to be appropriate for my problem.

I am using design classic - although not recommended for WAS 7.00 as I read in notes in some threads - still this works best for me and my application (tried already 2003, 2002 - but that does not help to solve my problem).

Now I notice, that when I get more than about 20 or 25 entries in my database table from my BSP-webform, I get the problem that the buttons for triggering onInputProcessing don't work anymore...

in the task bar I only see the javascript:void(0) which is from my button source code.

When I kill soms data entries in the DB everything works fine again...

Anybody helpful ideas about this really welcome,

kind regards, matthias

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Found the problem, though I don't quite understand what went wrong.

In a loop I displayed entries from my DB table for which the webform below created entries.

So in the loop I set up a checkbox for each entry and assigned the onClick Event to it. However after ca. 25 or 30 entries in the DB table this killed the whole application.

During onInputProcessing I asked for the checkBox Event:

IF event IS NOT INITIAL AND event->name = htmlb_events=>checkbox AND

event->event_type = htmlb_events=>checkbox_click.


somehow no event at all was triggerd anymore (debugger in onInpProcess did not respond at all anymore) - this had nothing to do with design-types - as described, I tried classic, 2002, 2003...

now I killed this loop checkBox and did a workaround,

kind regards,


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Hi ,

I have the same problem ,but only on IE8, when click the button, javascript:void(0) is displayed in task bar.I dont have any loop on inputporcessing,its a simple one with set paramater and goto page.I am using design 2003.I checked with other browsers like google chrome and firefox ,its working well.

Can anyone suggest me whats the problem.Thank you


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Hi Van,

my loop is NOT on InputProcessing but in the layout - there I have a structure like this:

<%loop at itab into wa. %>

htmlb checkboxes with onClick Event (which I'd like to process on Input Processing, but which does not work and which also disturbs all other buttons and their corresponding onInputProcesses)


and in my case I get the Error in IE 6.0.

In thread

there are notes mentioned - in the notes you shall find hints for IE 8.0 as well, as I remember.

kind regards,