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HRFORMS, MetaStar and T582A

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Hi guys,

I created my MetaNet by copying it from the standard one and added a new MetaDimension and relative MetaStar for standard infotype 0185.

The problem is that when I run my HRForms, the internal table STAR_IT0185 has only one record even if my Personnel Number has 2 records for 2 different subtypes.
In debug I found that this is due to different settings:

582ITVCLAS table: but it is not raccomended to change the entry there

T582A table: the field "Copy infotype" is flagged. If I remove the flag here, in my STAR_IT0185 internal table there are both records but this is not a solution.

Is there any setting that allows me to have more that one record in my MetaStar table?

Thanks in advance,


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