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HR load failing with time intervl overlap issue

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Hello Gurus,

I am trying to do a full load to 0Person from SAP r3 and getting the following error message.

The time interval ['99991231'/'19360930'] & (from/to) for the data records 1 & and 128 & overlaps in characteristic 0PERSON &.

There are thousands of records complaining for the same.

what might be the possible reasons?? what I don't understand is that it is a full load and it is complaining.

To my understanding a full load is one that just overwrites the existing records.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Praveen,

Thanks for the immediate reply. But question is" IS the syatem checking the incoming employees and their time intervals in the load with the already existing in the master data?

If so, We need to change the time intervals for the incoming records. Is this correct?

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Hello Simmi,

0PERSON has time-dependent master data and hence while loading it will check for mutually-exclusive intervals. If the time-intervals for the records overlap with each other, you will get this error. You need to correct that.

Hope it helps.