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How to write more fields into 'monitor_rec-msgv' of the start routine?

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Hello Guys,

how is it possible to populate 2 fields of the source package into an error message monitor_rec-msgv2?


IF <source_fields>-tctsysid = '12'.

monitor_rec-msgid = 'RSM'.

monitor_rec-msgty = 'W'.

monitor_rec-msgno = '799'.

monitor_rec-msgv1 = 'SystemID' <source_fields>-tctsysid .

monitor_rec-msgv2 = <source_fields>-TCTOWNER <source_fields>-CALMONTH.

APPEND monitor_rec TO MONITOR.



Regards, Stephan

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Hi Stephen,

If this is related to your other posting, you will need to pass both TCTSYSID & TCTOWNER in your field routines. The system allows you to pass a field and not use it in a tranformation. You can also do this in an expert routine which would make things much easier.


Dae Jin

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Hi Dae Jin,

It´s concerning to my other question

My idea is to use the standard error handling of sap bw with the standard error tables. I won´t use expert routines because they are more comfortable for the developer but not for the admin to support the system. Additionally the sap only supports the sap standard. I have got some checkingu2019s which I can only do in the start routine like checking duplicate records and I have some checkingu2019s which I can do in the transfer rule like field checkingu2019s with the possibility to skip the record to the error stack. After finish fixing all error fields the record should be posted by using the error dtp. To handle this I need more than the four 'monitor_rec-msgv' fields to identify the record or I would like to populate the monitor fields with more than one field in the startroutine and in the transformation. In the start routine all fields of the record are available but I get an error message by popluating 2 fields in the the monitor field. Is there a possibility to avoid it?

Best regards, Stephan

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It´s solved. I took a variable.




monitor_rec-msgv3 = lv_msgv.