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How to write a UDF using IDoc Segment

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(PI Mapping newbie here - please be gentle )

I'm working on mapping an IDoc to a csv flat file.

I need to interrogate certain fields of the source IDoc and return a particular field.

The IDoc in question is based on HRMD_A09 - Segment E1P0041 (Date Specifications).

I want to return the date value from one of the 12 repeating fields (DAT01 - DAT12) - the one I want will be identified by the date type fields DAR01 - DAR12.

I could create a UDF that passes a total of 25 arguments and build a big horrid if - then - else with 12 nested comparisons - I'd like to think there is a better and cleaner solution possible.

If I pass a whole IDoc Segment to a UDF as an argument, how can I parse the value into the individual components?

I'm reading up and trying to understand the "all values of a context"/"all values of a queue" concepts - not sure that the answer is in this direction.

If I were to write this in ABAP it would be easy - I'd be able to pass the segment as a parameter into a form routine so that it is typed according to the segment, and then I'd be able to write up a "do varying" loop structure.

  l_wa_ee_records-corrected_lsl_date        = me->get_date_type( im_p0041     = ls_p0041
                                                                  im_date_type = 'LS' ).

METHOD get_date_type .

   DATA: l_dar      TYPE datar,
         l_dat      TYPE dardt,
         l_date     TYPE d.

   DO 12 TIMES VARYING l_dar FROM im_p0041-dar01
                             NEXT im_p0041-dar02
               VARYING l_dat FROM im_p0041-dat01
                             NEXT im_p0041-dat02.

     IF l_dar IS INITIAL.
     ELSEIF l_dar = im_date_type.
       l_date = l_dat.


Any ideas will be appreciated - thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nelson

Unfortunately, UDF does not work with whole segments/structures - it requires individual fields of the source structure as input parameters.

Even if it does, unfortunately also, AFAIK there is no equivalent to the HR ABAP style of syntax in Java - there is no DO VARYING equivalent. Java works primarily with single primitive data types or object references.

You might have to built that gigantic 25 input UDF


Eng Swee

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Thanks for the response, Eng Swee!

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You are welcome. If you no longer have any queries on this matter, please do close the thread.

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