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How to use XI Value Mapping from Java Mapping

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I'm using a conversion units table stored in external xml document but i'd like to avoid external files in xi mappings so i think the best option is replace this file for a value mapping. Is this possible?

If it's possible, how can i do to access these key-value pairs from within java code?

And is it possible to access a value mapping from a program running outside xi?

Thanks in advance.

Joaquin Carballo

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The Java API for calling the SAP XI Value Mapping is documented in I successfully used the method executeMapping().

It is not possible to access the value mappings from outside XI.

FYI: not being able to access Value Mappings from outside SAP XI was one of the reasons to store the Value Mappings in Oracle and not to use the XI Value Mapping mechanism. When developing XSLT maps outside SAP XI, we want to test them with value mapping.

Kind regards, Guy Crets