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How to Transport changes from Dev. to Quality and production

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Hello Friends,

I've done the below changes in IR

1.Added idoc in Imported Idocs

2.Added new Interface Mapping

3.Added new Message Mapping

In ID:

Chagned Receiver Agreement

Changed Interface Agreement

Please let me know how i can move the changes to Quality and Production..

Pls. provide me the steps to create Transport and how to transfer.

Thanks in advance!!!

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Prasad,

you may get some info from these ...........

Inconsistencies while transporting RFC objects from Dev to QA u2013 SP12


Overview of Transition from Dev to QA in XI

how to transport xi content using CMS



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Using file transfer or CMS we transport xi objects.

Look into this blog for how to export / improt IR and ID objects,

Transporting IR,ID Objects using File System



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By using File system or cms you can transport, better to do the configuration steps manually to avoid ther errors.

We can do some changes to move

Moving Dev to QA changes

1.SLD: are there any changes we need to do.

If you have common SLD, then I doubt if you may need any changes on SLD side.

The Business systems you had used will be the same you may use in Q-Landscape.

2.IR: are there any changes we need to do.

---> No changes required, you need to export .tpz file from Development box and have to import it in Q-box

3.ID: do we need to recreate it fully or after importing,just change the Communication channels will

do.I am confused here.

You need to reconfigure all communication channels, if SLD changes are OK then business system will

change automatically and in communication channel just filled in correct IP/password etc.

---> Similar to IR, you can transport these objects also. But you may need to do related changes to communication channels, if you will be referring to different Sender systems and Receiver systems.

Then as mentioned in previous posts you may need to maintain those Business systems in SLD also.

4.RWB: such as alerts,and if there are any...

--> The Alerts will not be need to create it as new setup for every box.

Check this link

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Hi prasad,

In XI we can transport in two ways :

1) File Transport

2) Using CMS which needs configuration to be done

Using the File Transport you can easily the Export the Objects and Import the Objects in the Target system.

Select the Object in the Design or Configuration ->right Click you will find Export option.

When you select the It creates the .tpz file which can be imported in the Target System.