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How to start ERS instance, which is for enqueue replication server

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Hi all,

Now I am setting up for enqueue replication server on Unix/NW2004s ABAP+Java.

I've already set up for ASCS and SCS instance separately from CI.

Next, I set up Replication server with the following help.

But this help does not tell me how to start ERS instance.

How can I do that?

I tried "startsap ERS04 <hostname>" but it failed.

Should I call "enrepserver" directly instead of startsap?

Could you tell me the right command to do that?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Ikue Saiga

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Answers (1)

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I solved this issue.

The latest kernel patch, which is released at August 2006, contains new startsap scripts.

It has been adjusted for ERS instance.

I could start ERS instance with following command:

startsap ERS04

So, I have concluded that it is necessary to replace kernel with the latest one if you use ERS instance.


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I have the same issue but i am running was java 6.40....sp15..

any ideas?

i have already open a note for sap

are you using a virtual hsot name for the ERS instance?

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Hi Adrian,

I use physical hostname for ERS instance.

I don't care ERS instance's high availability.

Are you using the latest startsap scripts?