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How to setup CDC/timestamp on SAP S/4 Tables for Extracting Delta Records

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We are currently extracting data directly from the HANA database using HANA SQL in SSIS via the ODBC connector provided in the the Hana Studio Client. This works ok, but is inefficient for master data tables such as KNA1 where there is no timestamp field. We then have to extract all the records every time and update our SQL database.

What is the best way to effectively add a timestamp to master data tables and other SAP tables that don't contain dates such as ERDAT or AEDAT, etc.

I read a bit about SAP CDC, but was a bit overwhelmed and not sure what the simplest approach would be. If anyone could provide some suggestions that would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi martins.gary,

Could you please share more details about the technology you used to extract data?
Is it Smart Data Integration (SDI) or Smart Data Access (SDA) or any others?

Best regards,

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We're using HANA SQL in Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), using the HANA Studio provided ODBC connector to read from the HANA database.