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how to set-up or integrate SLA in service desk

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Hi All,

Any body here has a document or guide on how to set-up or integrate SLA in service desk? I want a document that shows how to connect the configuration of SLA to service desk, were in every time service desk message arrive in solman, it will determine the SLA for that message. Then, if there are incidents that are pending it will notify the message processor of the message that he/she has an over due tasks.

Hoping for your kind assistance.

Thank you,


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Answers (3)

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The [Advanced Quick Guide for VARs Service Desk (June 09)|] has been recently updated.

I covers the following topics:

- IBase

- Organizational Model

- Product Maintenance

- Service Level Agreements:

Best regards,


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I am mentioning the points reg SLA or individual steps needed to use and monitor SLAs:

· If necessary, define a new availability schema and reaction schema (Menu: Master data

Product Edit availability and reaction schema (transaction: COMMPR01 u2013 Edit


· Product "Supportu201C may contain default values for availability schema and reaction

schema (however, this is not mandatory.)

· Contract determination for the transaction type of the Support Desk notification (SLFN)

must be allowed. (SAP-Customizing CRM Transactions Basic settings Define

transaction type)

· Depending on the item type for the product Support (SOL4), assign the action profile

SERVICE_ORDER_ITEM_SLA (SAP Customizing CRM Transactions Basic

settings Define item type).

· Use the Action Monitor (CRMC_ACTION_JOB) to create variant (SMSD0001 is shipped

with the Support Desk).

· Create a background job (transaction SM36) using program RSPPFPROCESS and

variant SMSD0001, and schedule it.

· Create a contract and release it using transaction CRMD_ORDER.

· Create and process Support notifications (the contract must be determined correctly).

· If the times in the Support Desk notification are exceeded, actions in the action profile

will be triggered by the background job, and appropriate users will be notified by e-mail.

You can check here ll

Also check my replies here

Hope it helps you too



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Hi All,

Report to show change documents of supportdesk mgs

i have the need of a report which can show all the changes which are

made in support desk messages. If you have opened a support desk

message and select via EXTRA's---Change Documents you can see al the

changes of one message. I need a report that can show me all messages

and all changes.

Where can I find a report what gives this information?

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There is no standard report available for the same. You may take the help of a BI guy regarding this.



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Thanks, for the confirmation

I Started a new thread:



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Hi Dear,

Please follow these steps you can solve your problem.


-Check you service profile

-Click clock icon and you will appear Time schema screen and you can edit your company time schedule

-You can select your factory calender or holiday calender

-Then select service profile and click response profile

-Now select response profile and click Indicators for response(enter your categories and priority here)

-Finally select indicators and click response time you can add your response time .

Best Regards