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How to set up a default profit center in SAP Group Reporting Data Collection?

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I'm looking to set up a default cost/profit center in SAP Group Reporting Data Collection using the same syntax for all the consolidation units. Each consolidation unit should be combined with "_99" when returning its profit center (e.g. for consolidation unit 1001 the default profit center should be 1001_99 ,for cons unit 6010 the profit center should be 6010_99 and so on).

From the "Define Data Mapping" app I have downloaded the template for Sap S/4 Hana Group Reporting table,which will use as both source and target the same ACDOCU table.

What kind of syntax I should be using when configuring the data mapping template in order to ensure that the default profit/cost centers can be generated using the same pattern for each consolidation unit?

I have filled in the Profit Center in the Output column with CONCAT("Consolidation Unit";"_99") and when uploading the template it seems to be valid as the status message says "The mapping file is correct".

Once the app " Run Data Mapping" is run there's the following error message:

"Can't retrieve data from the ACDOCU table from the source instance S4HanaCConsoEndpoint using service {1}. {2}"

I suppose it indicates that there's an issue with the data retrieval process from the source instance "S4HanaCConsoEndpoint."

Could someone help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Best regards.

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