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How to send Workitem to non sap user's outlook

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Hi Experts,

     I have a requirement, that is to send a user decision from workflow to outlook.

For example Lets say a user apply for a leave request, then the user decision will go to his manager's outlook.The point is his manager doesn't have any sap id.Is it possible to send user decision to outlook who doesn't have sap login id? Please let me know if it is possible and the steps to achieve it..

Thanks in advance.Points will be rewarded.


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Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the valuable replays, but it seems you misunderstood the requirement.

What I said was 'The User' doesn't have a SAP logon ID, like a HR person  but he is also there in the approval chain. What I mentioned in the main post is just an example.

But anyways I solved the issue using offline workflow approval.

Thanks to Everybody...

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I agree with the others that the most simple way to resolve this will be to create users for the managers. but you can send mail to non SAP users using a send mail step (another example could be sending an email to a customer to inform him/her about a sales order delivery), in this case I assume that the manger as an employee in the HR module, his/her email address could be maintained there (infotype 0105).

Now there still is the problem of who will do the actual approval in the system, well in a lot of organizations an HR admin is the one doing the actual confirmation, you can have the workflow task sent to them and they will be a ones to enter the decision to the system.

They can add the managers reply as an attachment to the task. or if you want to go to more complex developments, you can use the SAP inbound mail processing to add the reply to the task automatically.

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If the manager doesn't have a user ID then how it is determined that he/she is the manager of a employee. Which position manager is occupying in org structure and how he/she is linked to this position.This requirement conflicts not only from workflow approval but also from HR organisation management (org structure) point of view.



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I don't think that auditors will be happy when they find out that approval is possible without knowing who approved it.

Technically you can change the email address of a generic agent with extended notifications, but I wouldn't advise this. If anyone can influence SAP data, in this case Leave approval then it makes sense that they exist in SAP.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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then the user decision will go to his manager's outlook.The point is his manager doesn't have any sap id.

How will the decision go to the manager if there is no user ID?????

Even if you want to send an email to the manager with a link to approve.....but the workitem of approval has to sit in "some" inbox (SBWP) to wait for that decision coming via that email. Moreover, that is just not a right way to ask someone to approve who does not even belong "in the system"! This can lead to security breach and a lot of custom coding!

Best is what Vijay suggested above. Manager needs to be in the system, even if they do not login. Approval Item goes to that dormant user ID and then use Extended Notifications to send "reminder of work" with links to execute the workitem (still, the manager will have to loginfor approval....AND that is the right approach).



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Hi sagar,

In all cases, the approver should have SAP user ID to approve any request.

If he has SAP user ID he can approve it from outlook.

For that you have to use 'Extended notifications' and it can be configured using Transaction 'SWNCONFIG'.

If the request approved without user ID, you cant track who approved it and it doesn't make any sense. If it is really needed, you can have common user ID for all approvals and can approve all requests. But still its not recommended in real time.