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How to send parameters to URL ?

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Hi I developped a Weddynproapplication.

There I want send some parameters to Url.

How can i send that Please help me for this.

I want to send like this parameters


Please help me out ....



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Answers (2)

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Hi Nageswara,

maybe you can use Suspend & Resume Plugs? Have a look here: [Suspend and Resume Plug|]

kind regards


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Follow this tutorial <a href="">Inter-Application Navigation (tutorial 15)</a>


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Thanks for ur response VS.

But My problem is Iam sending parameter is like Authentication. if Authentication is true I want to dispaly some thing And some of column values to be enabled and disabled.

for authentication Iam using like this.

String Auth = WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter().getRequestParameter("Authentication");

If Auth="Yes" then I want display some thing to be visible.

For that I usee one cotainer and used visibility function.

The above Authentication how write the Functionality .

Is there any other way

Help me



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Hi Nageswar,

You know how to pass params and want to know how to make your UI Elements visible/invisible based on flag of Authentication. Right??

For that you can use your code:

String Auth = WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter().getRequestParameter("Authentication");
If (Auth.equals("Yes")){

And then navigate to Row/Column using your nodes/attributes...

And make sepcific table columns/cells visible or invisible like

IWD<element> elmt = (IWD<element>)view.getElement(<Name>);

This element can be your InputField, TextView etc etc...

Is this what you wanted?



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Hi Bharathi,

Iam not clear about this Passing Parameters.

Could you please brief me how to this functionality clearly.

I developped a webdynpro application It needs to do Spoofing fucnctionality.

For that Iam asking you How to pass the Spoof =yes parameter to Iview .

These to be done from coding part

Plese guide me where to declare Authentication and that functionality .Could you pls brief me that .

And my application is running on diffent applications Based on Application I want display some Columns of BAPI output values .

Please guide me for this .

I was Struck here.



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Though I am still unclear about your precise requirement, i will try...

First of all, we use parameters via standard APIs provided by WD like WDWebContextAdapter as already explained or we can use Startup/Exit plugs for InterfaceViews (using Url param). For the latter you can find loads of threads in this forum and you can easily explore the methods of WDWebContextAdapter using your IDE.

Next you said about Spoofing functionality... i am sorry i am not aware of this concept! But basically what i could gather was that you need to pass Spoof param (as Yes) to an (EP) iView.

If you have to pass via URL only then you have to choose between above mentioned ways. If there is a chance that your iView can simply get this parameter without it being exposed in URL; you can try WDPortalEventing package which enables you to pass params between WD Application and EP iViews!! Choice depends on your reqmnts.

When you say: i]And my application is running on diffent applications Based on Application I want display some Columns of BAPI output values.[</i>

i am confused whether there is a single WD application which is running over other (WD) Applns and each of these inturn refers to some BAPI in backend? Is that what you mean by your stmt? There is some design flaw i guess in this!

Please correct me if i am misinterpretting your reqmnts...