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How to restrict an user for closing ZMIN tickets that have a specific category

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We got ITSM implemented with mutlilevel categories. It is required to restrict an IT user (message processor) so that they can only close ZMIN tickets that have a specific category. Could someone please advise me on how this could be done? Thanks in advance

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Hi, you can check through a BAdI implementation for status change, namely CRM_ORDER_STATUS. It receives the status data (and referencd to ticket) on its interface, then you query the assigned category and do your checks to restrict or not that status change. Confirm button "clickability" relies on status change function call that also trigger this BAdI.

Keep in mind that Multilevel Categorization have only the last category from hierarchy stored on ticket (all higher levels are dynamically built at UI), if you need to check to a higher one either you have properly named the internal ID as a hierarchy (so you could check like "... CP '01_02_*') or you going to have a big IF (or customizing table) or always rebuilt the hierarchy to check higher nodes.