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How to Recover all Deleted request from Cube .

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Hi Guys,

Could you please help me ..

i have accidentally deleted all request from manege cube ........

now there is no data in cube.

please help me how i can recover the data back...or how i can recover all request back..



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Answers (4)

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Scenario How I deleted the all data and situation-

1. i went to manage in cube and selected the request.

2. clicked on top tab Delete button which has deleted my all request and Data.


1. Data is coming from some different cube and having some difficult routine and formula and selection.

2.some historical data was also there.

We cant copy from Qxx which was refreshed in Jan and may cause data inconsistency.

that is master data issue.

So guys tell me what i can do in this case.

plzzz suggest.



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1. Data is coming from some different cube and having some difficult routine and formula and selection.

haven't you tried loading data again from source cube via DTP?

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Just load the data back from all the underlying cube. That's the only option.

You can't recover the deleted data.



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Hi Atul,

If you have data in PSA, then you can retrieve the data else you can't. Sorry.

You need to load the data again , in order to make it available in the cube.


Anish Samuel

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Hi Atul

What is the source of your InfoCube data?

1) If source is DSO then execute DTP of DSO->Cube

2) If source is PSA then execute DTP of PSA->Cube



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Hi Atul,

From which source your feeding data to your cube?

if you have DSO before you info cube then you can directly load whole data from DSO Active table to cube.

if your directly loading data from data source(ECC) to cube then please check whether your psa holds historic data or not.

if not then again need to reload whole data from source. if psa holds historic data then you can reload it from PSA to cube.

is this prod data is copied to qua recently?

about restore , please check with basis. as i think it won't be easy to restore the deleted data.


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Hi Atul,

1) If you load the data fromPSA to DSO and DSO to Cube?

a) Then do full load from DSO- active table to info cube.

2) IF you load data directly to infocube?

A) Do repair full load at PSA level and then load the data from PSA to Cube.